Temperature & Humidity-G S R MPUMALANGA

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature and Humidity Probes
      All types of PT100's , RTD's and Thermocouples.
      Large and small aluminium heads.
      Ceramic blocks.
      Head mount temperature transmitters with fixed ranges.
      Head mount temperature transmitters, programmable.
      Mechanical dial thermometers fixed and all angle.
      Thermowells, fabricated and solid drilled.

GSM Temperature and Humidity Transmitter
               Humidity Range                0 to 100% (RH)
               Humidity accuracy           +/- 3% (RH)
               Humidity resolution         0.1% (RH)
               Temperature range          -20C to 70C
               Temperature accuracy    +/- 0,3C
               Temperature resolution  0,1C
               Sensor location                 internal
               Capacity                             61000
               Sample rate                       1 sec to 25 hours
               Battery                               Rechargeable battery ( 2600mA) 5V 1A adapter

USB data logger SSN-22 measures temperature and humidity and SSN-11 measures temperature only.
         Range                             -35C to 80C ( Accuracy SSN-11 +/-0.5C SNN-22                                                                   +/-0.3C).
         Range(RH) SSN-22         0 to 100%.
         Sample rate                    SN-11 2 sec to 1 hr. SSN-22 10 sec to 12 hrs. 
         Memory                          32 000 data points
         LCD display
         LED status indicator
         1/2 AA 3,6V Lithium battery (approx 3 yr @ 1 min)
         Direct USB connect c/w software

Temperature & Humidity transmitter
      RH                                  0 to 100%
     Range                           0 to 50C.
     4 to 20 MA.
     LCD Display.

Non contact temperature measurement Model ST642
              General purpose infra-red thermometer
              Laser pointer and high/low alarms limit setting.
              Display lashes with red back light in alarm condition.
              Maximum / Minimum / Average.
              Emissivity adjustable 0,10 to 1,00
              Range   -32C to 535C
              Distance/spot ratio -12 to 1 
              Other models available up to 3000C

XY Series halogen moisture meter
Model                              XY105MW  or  XY100MW
Readability                      5mg        or       1mg
Range                              110g
Operating temp              5C to 35C
Pan size                            90mm
Temp source                   PT-100
Temp range                     40C to 199C

External power supply 9V output 220v input
LCD display

GSR thermowells (Any size and lenght)

GSR is the leading stockiest and supplier of
thermocouples and RTD's in Mpumalanga

We stock thermocouple and RTD's in component form here in Nelspruit

We manufacture our own S/S thermowells.

Suppliers of all types of compensating cable for thermocouple's

Head mount and din rail mount transmitters

We specialize in stand alone temperature controllers and
temperature and humidity data logging and control