Hand Held Instruments-G S R MPUMALANGA

Hand Held Instruments

Multi function pocket anemometer
Velocity range                  0,7 to 30 m/sec
Temperature                   -20ēC to 60ēC
Humidity                          0 to 100% RH
Dew point                        -40ēC to 60ēC
Wind chill                         -20ēC to 10ēC
Barometric pressure     3300 to 1100hPa
Relative altitude             -500m to 9000m
Illumination                    0 to 55000 lux
C/W                                  Batteries and carry case
                         Size                                         122mm(H) x 48mm(W) x 22mm(D)
                         Maximum, minimum, and average readings.
                         Manual and automatically save up to 200 records.
                         Display text ( single/ three line) or graph selectable.

Wind speed sensor
     Range                                  5km/h to 200km/h
    Output                                1 pulse/rev (max 75Hz=300km/h)
    Three cup rotor with reed switch
    Supplied with aluminium bracket and 30 m cable

Portable pH measurement
                 Measures                             Water quality, waste water treatment, boilers, hydroponic,
                                                         aquaculture, laboratories, spas, aquariums, pools and more
            Range                                  0,0 to 14,00 pH
            Temperature range         -5ēC to 80ēC
            Standard BNC connectors for pH electrode.
            C/W carry case, standard pH electrode, 3x30ml mini buffer solution, manual and batteries.

Digital refructometer
Model PAL-3
Range                              Brix 0,0 to 93,0%
Temperature                 10 to 100ēC

Sample volume             0,3ml
Power supply                2xAAA batteries

PH Meter
PH_web              Model                           DH-2
              Scale                             PH
              Range                           0.0 to14 pH
              Resolution                    0.1 pH
              Accuracy                       0.1pH (2.0 to 12.0 pH)
              Calibrate at 3 points   4.0, 7.0, 10.0

Digital light meter
Light_meter_website    Lux range                        0 to 200 000 lux
    Lux resolution                0,01 lux
    Lux accuracy                  +/- (3%+)
    FC range                         0 to 20 000 FC
    FC resolution                 0.01 FC
    FC accuracy                   +/- (3%+2)
    Auto power off
    Auto and manual ranging

Video Borescopes / Mini inspection camera
3,5 TFT colour display.
Take JPG photos and AVI videos.
Micro SD card included.
Adjustable LED lighting
Various lens sizes and tube lengths.
3.5mm and 8.5mm camera on 2m or 5m tube.